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Wed June 01st, 2022
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От всей души Вам всех благ!
Andreas Plattner
Austria / Tyrol
Tue February 11th, 2020
Hey there!!
Great site. At the moment i am modding a Fender Strat to Brian Mays wiring. I was wondering wich exact spacing of the coils is needed for best brianmaylike result? what is the original distance between them? Greez
Sun April 03rd, 2011
Hi Adam, congratulations on the site. I started in computers on the maintainance and fault site, mainly operating system based and build installation,
would love to learn more on electronic side of things. I am a keyboard man who desided to pick the guitar up 8 month ago and am coming along nicly, mainly finger picking
as I am a Mark Knopler/dire straites fan. Just bought a 200 Aria to get me started and A practice amp, I am after some good fender pickups, If u Know were I can pick some up cheap that would be great,
I am also after a tube amp soon as well, mainly want the pickups at the moment as I here if u stick them in a good strat copy u will get a good stat sound. Anyway hope to here back from you and I am really impressed
with what U are doing, I think it is amazing to live out a dream like you are doing, well done mate.
Gordon Fiander
Sat April 02nd, 2011
Hi Adam, nice to see you are still busy building--the new line-up of RS's looks excellent. Always available for impromptu jamming. I would like to construct another RS if I get some time.
Best wishes Adam, thanks for spending time on the site, Gordon
Matt W
UK, In the South part
Wed November 24th, 2010
Ahh coming back to this site is like returing to the mother ship, the beginning of everything.

Again a wonderful site a wonderful read full of brilliant inivative ideas to overcome the hurdels.

Great site and will always be ahead of mine.
Hayley M. Forshaw
Tue May 11th, 2010
Do you know about me getting a bridge/tremolo for my guitar, like on the original red special? If so, what do you think the cost may be? I hope you'll e-mail me with the information..

Many thanks.

From H.M.F.

Mon June 01st, 2009
What a brilliant website, with some excellent pointers on creating a Red Special! Yours is brilliant!

I too intend on creating my own red special, and am in the stages of gathering plans for the build, would it be possible to purchase some to-scale plans from you?

I would attempt to draw my own, but the Guitar would probably end up looking way out!

Cheers, Chris
Wed February 04th, 2009
Found your page, perfect as Im about to build a RS, any chance that you could share your plans for the RS in actuall sice?

Peter Tait
Vancouver, Canada
Wed October 18th, 2006

Looks awesome! Great job!
Thanks for the very detailed diary of your project. It is invaluable for all the rest of us who are thinking of making an RS too!

Cheers, Pete
Peter Tait
Vancouver, Canada
Wed October 18th, 2006
Hi Adam

I am just getting started on building my own RS replica. Thanks for the great tips!

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