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My Future Red Specials

Contrary to my previous statements that my 2010 batch of Red Specials would be my last, I have decided to build some more. There are various reasons why I have decided to do this but I had hoped to start these in 2013. But due to moving house, running my own business in my "spare time", and a baby on the way, this is definitely not going to happen any time soon. But when I do get the chance, like my last build they will be built for myself and be built differently. However, I may build one for my new born and my nephew too. As before, I am not looking to replicate every millimetre of the original. Here are my current thoughts, all of which are subject to change at the drop of a hat.

The first RS (below) is designed to look most like the original. With every batch build I will attempt to make another one similar to the original. The second one I intend to create will possibly have different wood as this will be painted black so does not need to be mahogany, maybe ash. The third will be a cross between John Birch one and the original. The fourth will be similar to the "George Burns" RS that Greg Fryer made because I love the colour of it. Mostly all other functionality and specification will remain the same on all guitars.

The main goal of this build will be to improve the speed of construction, reduce errors, and try some new things. This build will also receive more planning as the last build was started quickly due to time constraints. Which is why I am still working on them nearly 3 years on!! Also, one major factor in speeding up construction is to use a fretboard without painting or lacquering it. All luthiers (not that I am one) will tell you that working with a painted fretboard is a nightmare!

After playing on Brian May's double necked RS that Andrew Guyton made I have also decided to have a go at making my own. Although the idea with this one is that it will be a very long term project. But whilst I am making the bodies and necks for these others I may as well knock out the body and necks for this one too.

Neck: Mahogany Mahogany Maple Rosewood Mahogany
Body: Mahogany with acoustic chambers ? with acoustic chambers Maple with acoustic chambers Rosewood with acoustic chambers Mahogany with acoustic chambers
Fretboard: Ebony Ebony Ebony Rosewood Ebony
Neck Joint: Bolt-on Bolt-on Bolt-on Bolt-on Bolt-on
Bridge: Commercial rollerbridge Commercial rollerbridge Commercial rollerbridge Commercial rollerbridge Commercial rollerbridge (6) and standard non-roller bridge (12)
Tremolo: Handmade original Handmade original Handmade original Handmade original Handmade original
Pickups: Tri-Sonics Tri-Sonics Tri-Sonics Tri-Sonics Tri-Sonics