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In 1995 I started my work experience at a computer company as a computer technician. The reason I decided to go here was not the fact that it was a computer company but the fact that there was a lot of electronic engineering involved in the job. My first career objective was to become an electronic engineer.

I started college in September 1996 studying Electronic Engineering and Computing Technology. It was this course that quickly changed my career aspirations from electronics to computers. Within 6 months of the course it had changed once again, from computers to programming.

After completing my college course I undertook an Honours Degree in Software Engineering. The first year of the course was not aimed at programmers but general computer people. At the end of the year I was offered a part time job at a local secondary school as a Technician.

I started the second year of university with high hopes that it was going to be relevant to programmers, but alas it was not. It continued to be generally for computer people. Only the second half of the year changed to be geared towards programmers. The overall mark of the second year would account for 25% of the final degree mark.

As soon as I completed the second year I started my work experience a local secondary school as a Junior Support Engineer. This was part of my course and partially counted towards my degree.

During my work experience I created an entire Windows NT network system for all the teachers and admin staff. During this time I also maintained a Novell NetWare 4 and Windows 95 network for the students. This also proved to be benificial as a programmer as I had to create various programs to resolve network problems, i.e. network security (LockUp).

At this time I founded ANB Software. A software company that would act as a front for me to sell programs to the public or fellow programmers and network managers.

I started the final year of university with great excitement as I had completed three years, with only one left, and finally my degree. In brief the final year was a rollercoaster of a ride with trials and tribulations, happiness and sadness, good points and bad, friends and enemies, and many late nights trying to get things done.

On completion of my degree I was offered a job as a Systems Manager at a secondary/high school. This had proved to be very beneficial to me as the job involves many aspects of IT. As for my programming, I have created a number of programs to assist in maintaining the network, which are available on my company's website.

In 2007 I left my post as Systems Manager to be a full time software engineer at a local software house.

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