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6th May 2006

I started off by totally dismantling my RS as I needed to add far more lacquer to the body and neck.

Once the guitar was in pieces I applied a coat of lacquer to the back of the body and the back of the neck. During the course of the day I applied various coats of laqcuer to the body and the neck.

Next, I removed the old switches from the control plate as I am going replace them with better quality ones. As I am now going to be using new switches I need to convert the attenuators to white. I did this the same as I did before, by flattening the top of the attenuator and adding a white piece on top of it. It then requires some carving out to make it look like a switch head. In the picture below, the left most switch it the old one. The middle switch is the new one before it's had its head replaced. And the right one is the one that has had its head replaced.

Next, I needed to add a rubber ring onto/into the tremolo arm bolt/brass joint. The best method I found was to simply use shrink-wrap, but just any shrink-wrap. This particular shrink-wrap is used in electrical places where a wire needed insulating. You thread the wire through the shrink-wrap and simply heat it up using a flame. The shrink-wrap shrinks to the size of the wire. So I did the same with the tremolo arm bolt.

Next, I started making the knob for the tremolo arm. I managed to get hold of an old knitting needle from my girlfriend mum, which was perfect. I carved it out, drilled the hole down the middle, and then cleaned it up before fitting it to the tremolo arm.

Even though the last two pictures above make it look like the knob is white, it is actually grey like the first.

7th May 2006

Today I applied more coats of lacquer to the body and neck. I also modified the control plate for the new switches to fit, and then fitted them. Next I soldered all the wires back onto the switches.

8th May 2006

Today I applied more coats of lacquer to the body and neck.

9th May 2006

Today I applied more coats of lacquer to the body and neck, and made a start on some surroundings for the access holes for the tremolo bolts. This was needed as the holes were kind of big.

Even though the last picture looks as though they are white, they are actually black like the first two.

10th May 2006

13th May 2006

14th May 2006

15th May 2006

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